Get to know the two film makers of HOPE and find out about their reasons to produce this important movie

in the following video: 

"Sometimes I ask myself, how to make a documentary about hope, when it can be so difficult to feel it.

And then I see all these amazing people working so hard to create a better future.

There is hope everywhere! Many people just forgot how to become hope themselves.

This movie is an invitation to stand up for your values." 

- speaker, writer, activist and film maker Magdalena Gschnitzer

The world needs more of those movies, that touch peoples hearts and share the hope, that might not always be visible.

HOPE is one of those movies and you have the chance, to be part of it. 

You can support the production of HOPE

in different ways:

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We all have dreams! Many times we don't follow them, just because we don't know HOW to make them come true. 

My dream was it to make a documentary, that inspires as many people as possible to act for this beautiful world.

In my dreams, this world is a place, where all living beings are treated with respect. 

As activist it is not an easy task to always see this dream come true.

But I was allowed to meet so many incredible people and organizations, who protect this planet with all of their hearts. 

This gives me hope day by day. 

The next video is a making  of about the first production phase of HOPE. It will motivate you, to follow your dreams as well!


Only what we love, we truly protect. That's why we must fall in love again with this wonderful world. 

The video "Wonders of life" shares some of the amazing moments,

we were allowed to experience during the first production phase of HOPE. 

This world is so beautiful! Let us protect it together!

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